If I Lived Here…

I’m moving in two months.  Again.

Which is funny, because I’m generally someone who likes to stay in one place, put in some roots, settle down.

But I’m surprisingly excited about the prospect, even though I’m sure it’ll be an expensive hassle.  This will be my third move in a year, which is entirely unheard of for me.  But it does appear that I have options, each more appealing than the last.  Most of all, I’m hotly anticipating spending more time in a different part of Austin.  I’ve lived north of the UT campus for almost nine (count ’em, NINE) years, and I’ve loved it.  But Austin has all kinds of thrilling nooks and crannies, filled with culture and personality.  It’s packed with unique neighborhoods, each boasting their own character and style.

Yesterday I went to one of my potential neighborhoods – Barton Hills – and slowly drove around the streets, just feeling the vibe of the place.  Spurred on despite the rush-hour traffic, I meandered over to South 1st and South Congress and did the same.  And I found myself torn. 

“If I lived here,” I’d think one moment, “I could walk to Austin Java and Barton Springs!” 

But then I’d drive a little further, and sigh contentedly.  “Ooh, around the corner from Alamo Drafthouse and Black Sheep…” 

And then I’d remember how much I’ve recently fallen in love with SummerMoon Café and Freddie’s, and how I play wiffle ball at South 1st and Oltorf…

So it’s a win-win situation, really.  There’s no wrong choice.  I don’t know yet where I’ll be living in two months, and for the most part I’m okay with that.  It causes me a little anxiety, worrying that all of my options will fall through and I’ll find myself homeless.  But let’s be realistic.  That isn’t going to happen.  This is an opportunity, not a problem.  I get to pick up and experience something new; to explore a city that I love more every day; to grow and play. 

This is an adventure.

2 Responses to “If I Lived Here…”

  • Jane Joseph Says:

    I love reading your blogs. They sort of stir up melancholy feelings for something in the back of my mind yes, but that feeling has always been there. Thanks for giving them words. I just wanted to offer up the Clarksville neighborhood because you seem so suited to it. Visit Nau’s Enfield Drugstore, Medici coffee shop, splurge at Jeffreys. Walk over to Westenfield Park and visit that interesting structure on the walking trail that leads to Lady Bird Lake. It’s a neighborhood that invites many things. Just a suggestion.

  • Colleen Conrad Says:

    I do love Clarksville! Thanks for the suggestion and the positive feedback…I really appreciate it.

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