The Fall is a memoir about the experiences of a college field hockey player at a liberal arts college in the northeast.  In many ways it’s a glimpse into the female college experience, as seen through the lens of an athletic team.  But it’s also a love letter to friends and teammates, documenting the triumphs, the failures, the joys and the pains of the four years that a group of young women shared together.

Storm Surge is a young adult novel about a high school freshman named Taylor who lives and breathes soccer.  Her unwavering focus on the sport isolates her from everyone around her, and when she steps on to the field for her first varsity season she finds out that the School Board is discontinuing her team.  Faced with the reality of losing her touchstone, Taylor finds a way to connect with her teammates–including the talented and mysterious new girl, Cara–and fight to keep their program alive.

Centerfield: Tales of a Reluctant Athlete is a collection of short memoirs about what it’s like to be a teenage girl, viewed through the lens of sports. These bite-size vignettes unpack issues related to body image, conflict and resolution with friends, drugs and alcohol, school and family pressures, and all of the humor and horror of my teen years. Even as I resented them, sports were a constant for me growing up. They provide the setting for a myriad of experiences and lessons in this compilation.

Sandwiched is a short story from the perspective of high school sophomore Ted, who feels eternally overshadowed by his over-achieving older sister, special needs younger brother, and the father who has his name.  Ted’s charisma and good looks make him popular with the girls in his town, but when he loses his spot at starting quarterback on a mediocre team, even that can’t help him feel like he really matters.