Taking a Break

I noticed that my last few posts have been a bit on the intense side.  Of course, I’ve been feeling pretty intense lately. 

But this week I was working on yet another serious, pensive piece, and I just feel like I need to sit on it for a while.  Lighten things up. 

So…time for a gratitude journal!

I’m thankful that the sun came out at today’s hat tournament, and that UT Women’s Ultimate raised some money.  (I’m also thankful that I got in a great workout, made some new friends, and didn’t pull any muscles!)

I’m thankful for my friend Allison, who showed me a great time on Friday night.

I’m thankful for cold beer after a day of frisbee.

I’m thankful to be teaching a refreshing poetry unit this six weeks.  (I’m so tired of nonfiction…)

I’m thankful that I’m finally starting to feel healthy again after the winter holidays.

I was thankful for this morning’s coffee.  And I’ll be thankful for tomorrow’s, too.

I’m thankful for my puppy, even though she kept me up last night.

I’m thankful for the book on my nightstand—a gift from a friend—waiting to be read.

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  • fortunecookiejunkie Says:

    I’m thankful for you!!! And in a strange way, I’m thankful that every time we leave each other I have a list of things we forgot to talk about- we’re never at a loss for words. <3 you!

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