Gratitude Journal

It’s been a while since I documented a few of the things that make me happy, so here’s just a quick sample.  It’s all about the little things…

I’m grateful for fleece pants on chilly nights.

I’m grateful for marathons of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

I’m grateful for girls’ nights with pedicures, margaritas, and tex-mex.

I’m grateful for local coffee shops with strong, sweet lattes.

I’m grateful for quiet time with my little pup.

I’m grateful for open machines and stretching space at the gym.

I’m grateful for talented, intelligent friends who share support and constructive criticism.

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  • Nazish Says:

    “I may have met the woman of my dreams, but I dumped her because she pronounces it ‘supposably!'” I heart Chandler and your post :).

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