Where Does the Time Go?

            Last weekend I visited a newly-unemployed lawyer-writer friend in Illinois.  As one of my husband’s best friends from college, he stood up in our wedding.  Every time I see him I’m reminded why he means so much to my hubby.  He’s hilariously witty, and completely down-to-earth.  So when my team was travelling to his town to play in a tournament, I immediately asked him if we could crash at his house.  Of course, he said yes.  (Why turn down a visit from 15 wildly attractive women?)

            I flew in early and spent the day with The Groomsman and his two adorable beagles.  At one point, before his mischievous dog escaped from his backyard and we had to enact Operation-Ryno-Retrieval, we were talking about the writing process…and its inevitable frustrations.  Groomsman has a blog that I quite enjoy, www.hirejimessian.com, and he’s been doing some local freelance work. 

            “Now that I’m not working, I have no idea how I ever wrote a thing before,” he said of the time required to really commit to writing.  I couldn’t agree more.

            Sure, having a few equally-motivated critique partners helps.  And making a schedule also aids in my efforts.  Then there’s the fact that I don’t have any kids.  (How do parents ever find the time?!)  But if the last month has taught me anything, it’s that I’m easily distracted.

            I left the SCBWI L.A. conference in August feeling inspired and motivated.  But no sooner had I returned home than I flew off for a family vacation.  Upon returning to Austin, I promptly began the school year.  I’ve been swamped!  Now it’s been almost a month, and I’ve barely eeked out any time for My Writing.  Where does the time go?

            In my case, it goes in a million different directions.  Teaching, captaining a team, practicing ultimate, working out, watching TV (yeah, I’ll admit it), spending time with friends, attempting to make time for my husband, sleeping in (when I can), making dinner, eating dinner…Am I willing to give up any of these activities?  How many choices do I have to make in order to carve out some precious time for writing?

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