Werewolf Boyfriends (Vampire Boyfriends, Remix)

I recently wrote about vampire boyfriends.  You know the type—brooding loners with baggage who make the good girls swoon.  The boys who are equally dashing and damaged.  They’re so bad for us, but we can’t seem to stay away.  They’re our vampires; simultaneously dangerous and irresistible.  They bleed us dry, but we keep coming back for more.

But every Dylan has his Brandon, and every Edward has his Jacob.  For every blood-sucking vampire, there’s an affectionate and snuggly werewolf.  Just as Bella is drawn to Edward’s cold, desperate, controlling nature, so is she comforted by Jacob’s warm, safe, loyalty.  She’s torn between the cat-like vampire and the puppyish werewolf.  Ah, how to choose…

I’ve had my fair share of vampires, but my first real boyfriend was definitely a werewolf.

It was the end of eighth grade.  Nick* was a year older than I was, and I’d never really noticed him despite his friendly personality and his impressive athletic ability.  He was new to my town that year, and excelled at soccer, basketball and baseball.  He was an honors student.  Smiley.  Nice to everyone.  Teachers loved him.  He was good-looking in an un-intimidating, affable kind of way.  By no means hot, but certainly attractive.  His smile was absolutely goofy, but he used it so frequently that you couldn’t help but grin along with him. 

Immediately after we started going out, Nick and I fell into a comfortable routine of talking on the phone every night, seeing each other every weekend, and spending time with each other’s families.  It was so…easy.  So uncomplicated.  Nick was every bit as kind, gentle, and dedicated as Jacob Black.  Just as hopelessly romantic, and just as endearingly protective (even to the point of being whiney). 

Perhaps the best part about werewolf boyfriends is how they make us feel.  I was never self-conscious with Nick.  He made me feel good about myself, and secure with our relationship.  He never acted “too cool” around me to his friends.  He told me I was pretty and smart.  For every game of his that I attended, he’d cheer me on at my sporting events.  In some ways, I have him to thank for the level of academic success that I experienced in high school, because he encouraged me to sign up for a notoriously-challenging advanced history class as a freshman.  I still remember his response when I asked him what he thought about the class. 

“I think you can do it,” he said, quite simply. 

And so I did.  And it quite likely changed the trajectory of my academic career.

Now, like any wolfboy, Nick had his flaws, too.  He was weepy to the point of irritating at times.  He was mildly possessive, and reluctant to take risks.  While I enjoyed the security of the relationship, it naturally grew boring and we eventually parted ways after close to a year.

My next serious boyfriend was Aaron.  A vampire, of course.

So who is the preferred choice?  The risk-taking vampire, or the reliable werewolf? 

I suppose that if you’re an adolescent girl like Bella, looking for adventure and someone who will make your heart beat wildly in your chest, it’s probably Edward the vampire.  But I think that every teenager needs a werewolf, too.  Because for every time that the vampire lets her down, she needs a werewolf to pick her back up again. 

Hmm…Calling all vampire-werewolf hybrids…

*Name has been changed

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