Gratitude Journal #1

A friend noticed that my last few posts have been about “dealing with issues.”  I declined his very generous offer to come to Austin and “kick some ass,” but figured that now might be a good time to post something a bit more lighthearted.  More optimistic.  Or not quite so weepy, at least.

Thus begins my Gratitude Journal. 

Yes, there are days when it all seems like too much, when I would prefer to curl up under the covers and forget the world, but what about the other days?  The days when I can see the forest for the trees?  The days when I get some perspective and see the beauty all around me?

Today I’m grateful for….

…Cold spring days in Austin.  (Such a pleasant surprise!)

…Experiences that remind me how valuable my job is, and help me to believe that I’m good at it.

…Hey Cupcake.  My favorite is the red velvet.

…Leftover Indian food.  Mmmm….

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  • angela pires Says:

    nicely disguised list… can’t wait to see you writing about feeling happy — maybe a cupcake eating love story?

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